Requesting data

If we are missing data that you’d like to see, please email us at and include as much detail as possible. Some projects and products have very little information in the public domain, but we will do our best to fulfill your request.

Follow us on Twitter

Twitter is the best place to hear updates from the Blockdata team. We also publish insights and research derived from our dataset on Twitter.

Using the filters

Filters are a great way to discover information on Blockdata. Each list view (projects, companies, tokens, and products) can be filtered across multiple data points to narrow down the list. When filters are combined, we display entities that fit all selected criteria, much like ‘AND’ in a boolean search.

Understanding our data collection process

Since we serve primarily corporate clients, our main data collection efforts are around corporate blockchain initiatives. We also have data on hundreds of tokens, including every token traded on Binance, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange. If there is some data missing that you would like to see, please contact us at

Requesting support

If you need help with anything, please click the Intercom button in the bottom right corner, or email us at We are always happy to help.

Using the news feature

You can now use Blockdata to get the latest news. Click on the News tab on the left navigation bar and you will be given a tour of this new feature.

Providing feedback

The more feedback, the better - both good and bad. You can reach out via email or Intercom and let us know what you would like to see improved. Please be as specific as possible and include links or screenshots of anything that doesn’t work or you don’t like.

Requesting a new feature / data point

We listen to your suggestions. It is that simple. Please send your suggestion via email or Intercom message (the button to the right). We will let you know if your idea or something like it is on our roadmap.

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